BC Buds Garlic

Since 1997, Carmel O’Connell has used garlic grown on her farm in Vernon, British Columbia as the foundational ingredient in an extensive line of homemade spice and dinner packets. Putting her own twist on recipes from her Granny T’s cookbook, she offers several options for home cooked dinners, unique rubs, marinades, and flavourful sauces.

Carmel O’Connell worked closely with us to develop a new logo and new label cards for her dinner and spice packets. Steady Studio created a new logo that embodied the simple, honest nature of the company. The label cards had to work as a group while clearly delineating between dinners, spices and flavours, and had to be simple to implement, since every packet is hand made. The solution strikes a balance that is immediately recognizable, clearly communicates, and is simple to use.

Agency credit: Straydog Branding

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