Myth VS Truth: Hiring a Branding Studio for your Digital Needs

The time has come to hire someone for your branding, graphic design, or website. Every business will get to this point where it makes sense to take the next step and hire a professional to develop your brand.

Oftentimes businesses only ever consider a freelancer or a big, fancy marketing agency. But, there’s this secret third option… one that might be perfect for your business!

In this article, we’ll talk about the small but mighty boutique studio that could make all the difference when it comes to your digital needs. We’ll share some of the biggest myths when it comes to hiring marketing agencies and branding studios and we’ll spill the tea. Well, actually the truth. We’ll spill the truth. No beverages were harmed in the writing of this article.

Here are 5 common myths that we hear often and shake our heads at regularly.

Myth vs Truth


I need to hire a big, fancy marketing agency to get what I need to be done.


Working with a smaller boutique branding studio allows you to have a better connection with the creatives that are working on your brand. This close connection with a smaller team will actually provide you with the focus and depth you need. Sometimes when you work with a big fancy agency, you get lost among the other clients, or the person you speak with is an intermediary, and you end up playing a game of broken telephone. Your work doesn’t have the same care and attention as it does when you work with a smaller studio.

When you hire a smaller studio, like Steady Studio, we are able to handle all of your needs and actually go above and beyond. You are not just a number, but a real, actual person and company to us.



Boutique agencies only work with small businesses.


When you work with a small and mighty branding company, you are not evaluated by your company’s top-line revenue. You are evaluated based on your goals, and what it will take to get there. We’re here to help you get to exactly where you want to be through branding, graphic design, online marketing and packaging.

We understand that in order for a company to grow, the right team needs to be put on the project to get it there.

At Steady Studio, we work with all different types of businesses. Brands developed by Steady Studio connect with higher-quality clients, attract more customers and drive user engagement online. The result is more loyal customers, stronger brand awareness and increased profits overall. Sound like the results you’re after?



When you hire a studio for your marketing needs, it takes longer than hiring someone in-house.


When you hire a smaller boutique studio, they only accept new clients when they know they have the space, time and capacity to fulfill all requirements. This means that it doesn’t actually take longer at all.

When you pick Steady Studio, we provide detailed timelines on when you should expect your work sent to you for review. If timelines need rearranging, you will receive ample notice.

Another benefit of hiring a company to handle your creative needs is that you will work with a passionate professional who is being hired to see your company succeed. Sometimes it’s best to step back, hire a branding studio and watch the magic happen. Plus, you don’t have to pay for our healthcare benefits like you would an employee… So, that’s a win for your chequebook.



The best quality work comes from large advertising agencies.


The best quality work comes from talented, passionate, and driven designers and marketing professionals who eat, sleep and breathe what they do. And, spoiler alert, not every star professional works at a large advertising agency. Some of the most passionate professionals actually leave the agency work (or never get into it) and decide to start their own company.
This is exactly the case with Steady Studio. You can read about our studio’s history here and we (the founders) have been collaborating for over 10 years together and decided to launch Steady Studio in 2016.

When you work with a smaller company, like Steady Studio, you’re working and speaking with the actual people who will be doing your work. There’s no game of telephone with account managers and project managers and every other type of manager possible. You simply speak with who will be creating your brand and harnessing the untapped potential of your brand.

This person-to-person connection point is something Steady Studio revels in. We are all about building relationships for the long term and making sure our clients’ brands grow consistently, which gives us a different and better approach to working with clients.



Smaller companies don’t have the capacity to fully understand my business.


One of the biggest myths out there is that smaller studios will not and cannot understand a business fully. We understand the fear. It’s hard to let go of control and put your trust in someone else.

As a branding studio, we take pride in getting to know our clients on a deep and personal level. When we do that, we are able to understand their business well. We have the ability to see the bigger picture, and we understand all of the small tiny intricacies, challenges, and strengths that make your business unique.

In the beginning, we won’t know all of the nuances of your brand that make it unique. But, if you hire us, we have processes in place that help us learn everything we need to know about you and your business. Our Brand Discovery Workshops allow you to impart all of your company’s knowledge to us. With this, plus our own subsequent research, further questions and follow-up meetings, you can trust that we will know your business.

And the best bit? We collaborate with you to evolve your brand identity together. A well-thought-out and properly realized brand identity not only gives a business a cohesive and professional look but also establishes credibility, builds trust, and forges deep connections with its audience.

Steady Studio has the talent, knowledge and experience to help your business take that next step.

Let’s Go Steady.

Do you like what you’ve read? Not every company needs to hire the top-ranked (and super-expensive) marketing agency that employs 20 people or the solo freelancer you know through a friend. Sometimes, there’s that magic third option that works perfectly for you. Take it from Goldilocks, the third option is the one with the charm… always!

So, if you’re ready, let’s go steady! Check out our services, our portfolio, our instagram and once you’re feeling it, reach out to us to learn more. We can discuss what you’re searching for and we’ll let you know how we can help get you where you want to go.