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Clients trust Lisa to guide them as they pursue their personal and business goals, imparting knowledge, habits and skills that help them get more done in less time, and spark a healthy work/life balance.

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Steady Studio developed an all-new visual identity, including a new logo and a versatile suite of graphic assets: illustrations, images, patterns, icons and more. A new website, updated coaching workbooks, and social media templates. The repositioned brand and new tools have given Lisa access to a broader market with new opportunities to grow Bloom’s client base and service offerings.


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Ryan and Rachael have an almost magical power of creating the visual tools a business needs to connect authentically and grow.

I recently attended a presentation by Ryan and witnessed him blend humor, creative genius and an intuitive sense of branding and marketing, wowing the room. It was remarkable to watch the crowd have one a-ha moment after another as they realized the power of strong branding for their business and life… and they didn’t have it and needed it! If you are looking to unpack the benefits of a clear and powerful brand, head on over to Steady Studio on Austin and Marmont.

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Bloom Business Development
Lisa van Reeuwyk Owner of Bloom Business Development

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